After attending the May 22 Redmond Patriot forum for the Redmond School Board, we left with some serious concerns about each candidate.

Six candidates are running: Ron Munkres and Johnny Corbin for Position 1; Rick Bailey (previously appointed) for Position 2; A.J. Losoya (incumbent) for Position 3; and Lisa Klemp and Patricia Reck (previously appointed) for Position 4.

Bob Perry is returning. Cathy Miller is not. Her critical thinking skill will be a loss to the district.

Every incumbent voted for the $200,000 International Baccalaureate program, graduating nine students in 2011-12 at the expense of the Advanced Placement program. Bailey supported IB. Meanwhile, classrooms were crowded and young professionals lost positions.

Most alarming at the forum were the responses to Dave Klym’s question about a possible Wisconsin-like occurrence in the Redmond School District. Not one candidate was able to recall that event. Gov. Scott Walker’s political courage resisted the unsustainable growth of teacher benefits via collective bargaining. This action saved Wisconsin’s school systems and state significant funds.

I strongly urge Redmond parents to recruit qualified write-in candidates and to work to elect them to the Redmond School Board. The future of your children and the community depends on it.

Janet Dorgan