The status quo is not good enough for Redmond parents and students. We need to accelerate positive changes by electing school board members with new ideas, not a rehash of the past.

Candidates for the two contested Redmond School Board positions feature stark contrasts. In the Johnny Corbin vs. Ron Munkres race, voters can choose between someone with forward-looking ideas (Corbin) versus a retired teacher possibly aligned with the powerful teachers’ union (Munkres). Which of these candidates will have children’s and taxpayers’ interests top of mind? Corbin gets the nod.

Corbin, a strong proponent of more vocational education offerings, recognizes that not all children want to go to a two- or four-year college. With the current focus mostly on educating kids for college, many students lose interest — either dropping out or struggling to graduate. Corbin’s advocacy for these kids who may fall through the cracks is admirable. If you agree, please vote for Corbin.

In the other race, Lisa Klemp, a Redmond attorney, is a better choice as an agent for change than Pat Reck, a retired teacher now working as a substitute teacher. At a recent candidate forum, Reck was asked how she “grades” Redmond schools. Her answer: “They’re tremendous.” If you agree with Reck that our schools are “tremendous,” she may be your candidate. If you sincerely want our schools to be better — sooner rather than later — vote for Klemp.

Bob Kuhl