I have a question for the Democratic party: In your worldview, is there any societal problem where the solution is not more taxes, more regulations or more gun control? If so, please give me three examples. I’ve been asking this question for more than 30 years, and I’m still waiting for an answer.

Arguably, the most important issue for this legislative session was getting control of PERS funding and paying for our schools.

In addition, two issues Oregonians have rejected on numerous occasions is the sales tax and needless, intrusive gun control laws.

So, what have the Democrats been concentrating their efforts on this session?

1. Punting on PERS (SB 822) with a party-line vote.

2. Going after law-abiding gun owners with flypaper laws designed to entrap lawful citizens in their everyday activities (SB 347, 699, 700, 796) with a party-line vote.

3. Trying to bring back the sales tax as an add-on tax to all the other taxes with only a party-line interest.

4. Trying to raise taxes yet again on upper income taxpayers (HB 2456) with a party-line vote.

If any of this partisan, misguided drivel passes the whole Legislature, which is doubtful, the governor would still probably sign it.

Apparently, the oath of office they took to defend the Constitution came with a sell-by date and therefore is no longer valid.

Ed Boock