As a resident of California, I was dismayed to hear the news contained in your article “Ranchers want wolf-kill rules eased.” Up until now, Oregon has set the standard for wolf recovery. Because of the presence of the wolf named OR-7 here for over a year, the first wolf in California in almost 90 years, Californians have once again become aware of the magnificence of the wolf. Currently, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is considering whether or not to list the gray wolf under the California Endangered Species Act. The actions in Oregon could affect how welcome wolves are here and how they are treated.

The great state of Oregon needs to listen to the will of its citizens, and not the bias and misinformation coming from the Oregon Cattleman’s Association. The OCA would have people believe that wolves are killing tons of livestock. The reality is that less than 3 percent of all livestock deaths are caused by any form of predator, wolves or otherwise. Most die due to disease.

Please don’t change Oregon wolf policy based on bad information.

Janet Hoben

Burbank, Calif.