I’ve been driving from La Pine to Bend for several years now, and the traffic both directions on U.S. Highway 97 is increasing in both number of vehicles and highway speed. The speed limit signs read 55 mph, but everyone exceeds that speed. Some drivers just stay in the passing lane all the way. I stay at 60 mph and keep in the right lane except when passing, which doesn’t happen very often. I understand that the police don’t ticket drivers at that speed, but do at higher speeds.

Lately when I look for a patrolman parked alongside the highway keeping track of speeders, I don’t see any. No patrol cars from La Pine to Bend. This is not just a day or two; it is all week. I attribute this to fewer patrolmen available due to cuts in money and manpower. If so, then we need some way to keep speed down. I suggest that we use funding to establish a drone system to patrol the highways. A few people, not highly paid patrolmen, could operate drones on our major roads, mailing bills to speeders, identified by their license plates.

Gary Will

La Pine