Politicians of both political parties are telling us how they can pay off the $16 trillion national debt in 10 or 15 years. Bah! Here’s a scheme for paying it all off in less than eight years.

Have you ever noticed how many people, when speaking conversationally or in public, say “you know” when they really don’t mean to ask if you know?

And there are about 330 million people here in the U.S. (I’ve included the illegal aliens, of course.)

Now, if people who say “you know” when they really don’t mean it had to pay $1 every time they say it, we can pay off that debt in 7.81 years.

I’d guess that today, conversationally, every man, woman and child says “you know” about 17 times each day (not very scientific, I’ll admit, but can you do better?) So here’s the math:

17 x 330,000,000 people = 5,610,000,000 times per day

$16,000,000,000,000 divided by $5,610,000,000 = 2,852 days

2,852 days divided by 365 = 7.81 years

One final thing, and here we’ll refer to another badly overused term. We seem to hear almost constantly these days about entrepreneurs. Doesn’t that French word translate to “my idea, your money”?

Anyway, if one of these entrepreneurs will just figure out how to assess and collect this one buck per “you know,” we’ll have it made! You know?

Dale E. McCoig