It took me all day to stop laughing when I read the article on the Third Street underpass and the plans to curb the water flow going into it. I’m almost 78, and I first came to Bend when I was 5. Even way back then, after a heavy rain or warm temperatures and rapid snow melt, it would flood.

Nicholson’s Market and Lockers was virtually the southern edge of town. When the underpass flooded, it was necessary to find another route. The point I’m making is, that has been almost 73 years ago. How long does it take for an idea to formulate and soak through to the learned minds at the city?

This should have been taken into consideration a long time before now. I roll on the floor every time I read about some wisecracker’s solution to the whole problem. Seems to me the planners are driving in the wrong direction. Please stop, I can’t stand any more humor. My ribs are getting sore.

Dick Beal