James E. Staples

In response to Diana Hopson’s Jan. 10 piece, “Separate church and state,” we need to look at the truth about the Constitution.

The current belief is all wrong and it is destroying our county. No ideology — atheist, deist, agnostic, Muslim — political party or religion is to dominate the control of this nation protected by Congress, the Supreme Court and the president. We, the American people, are to be educated enough to make sure that this does not happen.

Our votes are important, our knowledge is important, our moral judgment is important. We, as a society, are to be steadfast in both trustworthiness and integrity. These things I was taught in grade school. George Washington’s picture hung in every classroom in the United States. He was the example to be admired.

Books to read in order to know the facts about religion and state: “George Washington’s Sacred Fire,” by Peter A. Lillback, and “The Real George Washington,” by Jay Perry and Andrew Allison. In these books, readers can learn about the writing of the Constitution, the religious signers of the Constitution and the prayers that were called for during the writing.

Discover the determination of Christians to be established in the New World Society, in order that a republic could sustain itself, free from one power over another.

The republic is to maintain a moral ethics teaching in order to prevail. The concept of the Founding Fathers was the belief that the new nation should have a foundation based on Christian beliefs. The first Bibles printed in the United States of America were printed in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., for the purpose of being distributed to every American home and school. Where the idea of the division of church and state came in was from the signers of the Constitution. They were very aware the power of the Anglican Church of England had played a role in corrupting England and wanted no one religion over another in the country.

It astounds me just how people in this country know so little about Christianity. I feel most of the educated today know even less.

Those signers, being of different denominations, had their arguments. Most of the writing was done with prayer between the lines. The result was the finest document ever conceived in this world. They also understood, as did George Washington, the Christian ethic, “Love one another and follow the Ten Commandments.” The Constitution would not survive unless we maintain a moral society with dignity and trust and love for one another. Once this is lost, we then will have a downfall. An ideology of any other manner would have a tendency to corrupt the Constitution to its agenda. This has proven to be true in many other democracies. We fail to realize that being governed by law, written with basic Christian principles, we stand a better chance of surviving as a republic.

When our youth are curtailed in learning the fundamental history of our country, as well as lessons of our civic duties, it is then we deny them the basics of living in this country.

Our forefathers had a conviction that we were a Christian nation under God. Why do you suppose the Ten Commandments are on the walls of the Supreme Court? The painting of George Washington kneeling in prayer is in the Capitol building. And have you never heard of the Psalms painted on each riser of the steps up the George Washington monument?

All Americans should demand that the basic principles of our Constitution be upheld and taught. We are already seeing bad things taking place in this country. Each year seems to get worse — from lack of trust to losing faith in our leadersto lack of manners. Certainly, we show lack of pride in our country.