Roundabouts may seem daunting to folks who have never traveled to Mexico or Europe. But those who have most likely discovered that roundabouts consisting of many lanes are the safest, most expedient, and therefore most preferred method of traffic control in Mexico and many European countries.

To mention our closest neighbor; just across the border in Mexicali, you will find many five- and six-lane traffic circles that accommodate huge semi-trucks and trailers, very large motor homes (mostly from the U.S.) and, more importantly, large emergency-type vehicles, all along with regular cars and trucks. Sometimes, more than one of these very large vehicles are using the circle at the same time.

I agree with the letter writer who said “the roundabout is the more aesthetic of the two intersections” but it is also the safest and most efficient means of moving traffic.

Now, if only Bend would install real roundabouts instead of these wannabes.

Diana Hopson