Once again this spring, we ask the community to be on the lookout for Canada goose nests. For three years, the Bend Park & Recreation District has been humanely managing goose populations and resolving poop complaints through the exclusive use of egg oiling and dog hazing. In that time, no exterminations have taken place.

One important aspect of this program is locating nests with the intention of dipping the eggs in vegetable oil to prevent hatching. Geese are social animals forming extended families that enjoy the presence of goslings. With fewer goslings the adults are less inclined to frequent the parks and are more susceptible to being hazed.

A mating pair will return to the same nest year after year. Many of these nests have already been identified, but being the resourceful animals they are, Canada geese constantly seek out new sites — often in uncanny locations, such as pine needle-covered roofs.

If you spot a nest, please let me know and I will contact the biologist who is licensed to treat the eggs. The nesting pair will not be harmed. Please do not approach the nesting goose or the gander guarding his mate.

Foster Fell