President Obama admitted that he only came up with the sequester idea to scare the Republicans into compromising with Democrats on tax increases. He claims Republicans are protecting millionaires, billionaires and oil companies from paying “their fair share.” The House Republicans came up with a budget that would eliminate many loopholes for the rich. Sen. Harry Reid threw it in the trash. The law says the Senate must come up with a budget every year. Reid and other senators broke that law for four years. Apparently, they’re above the law.

The Republicans caved in January and allowed tax increases they didn’t agree with, to show they were willing to compromise. The immediate response from the White House was to demand more tax increases. There will never be enough taxation to please the President or the Democrats in Congress.

The President is out campaigning for Democrats in hopes of winning control of the House in 2014. He has a job. We need tax reform. We need a flat tax. We need to cut billions of dollars in government waste. Cut duplicated programs, millions of state employees duplicating the same jobs. I’d be happy if Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and all the other newly elected young Republicans formed a third party. Then we could throw all the other bums out!

Maralyn Thoma