It’s time to find a replacement for Greg Walden.

I wasn’t surprised that he voted for Ryan’s budget, but his justification for that vote did surprise me.

Walden states, “The Republican budget actually balances in 10 years, and that’s important because that’s how we’re going to create significant new jobs in America for the middle class.”

This budget does not balance in 10 years.

It calls for reducing tax rates, but does not specify which loopholes would be eliminated to keep the plan revenue neutral, much less reduce the deficit. The Ryan plan changes Medicare to a voucher system rather than a guaranteed coverage plan.

This transfers the burden of increasing costs of health care to seniors rather than doing anything to control the rate of cost increases.

This budget also repeals Obamacare, which mandates coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, eliminates lifetime caps on coverage and expands availability of coverage to millions of Americans without health insurance.

Ryan’s plan slashes funding for education, Medicaid, food stamps and virtually every other area of government spending other than defense, where he wants to spend more money.

It does not, “protect and preserve safety net programs,” as Walden claims.

It only gives a massive tax break to the already rich. Walden swallows whole the fallacies in the Ryan budget without any critical analysis, or without realizing it is an even more extreme fiscal plan than the majority of Americans, and indeed Oregonians, rejected at the ballot box last November.

Kasia Wilson