The gun smoke is clearing. Sure it is! Oregon’s Legislature is holding public testimony on four measures on gun control. I highly agree with one. It’s requiring a shooting test; if you can’t hit a two-by-two target at 20 or 25 yards with six shots out of six, you won’t be issued a handgun permit.

All the other measures seem to be the same old hat. I have read that about 60 percent of people now are OK with the gun laws we have. But here’s some new laws that will get to you. You can’t carry a concealed handgun in or around schools or in public buildings unless you have a concealed handgun permit. Who’s checking at the door? Nothing about carrying a rifle under your coat. Requiring a background check to buy handguns? Already a federal and state law. You can’t carry a concealed, licensed handgun in public, unless it is hidden from view. OK! Nothing on semi-automatic rifles. Note that all the mass killings have been by these weapons.

All this is gunsmoke by the lawmakers. New gun laws will not prevent gun violence. Bad guy that goes out and shoots up a school, a bus, store or a church gets his days or weeks in court. Maybe life in prison. He gets free meals, free doctor and medical care, clean clothes and a warm room. He’s alive, warm, clean and well. Who pays? We do. Appears we are the victims. Again!

Mel Coffin

La Pine