Lynn W. Winchester

Illegal immigration: a euphemism, the true label should be trespassers.

11.9 million (Pew Hispanic Center, March, 2010) so-called illegal aliens, hereafter called “t-passers,” create a burden few of us recognize, let alone are bothered by. I will enumerate some of them and hope to get your interest.

1. 7.7 million (Pew Hispanic Center, February 2011) are employed illegally in jobs which should be citizens’ if only our lazy and self absorbed would accept some of the opportunities presented. Many t-passers are employed because they will work, not slough off the job. The impact is more than the jobs. It is multilayered. Our unemployed draw compensation for not working, often more than they would be paid to work, and it goes on forever. Incidentally they pay little in taxes. The t-passers are also paying no taxes or a small percent of what citizens and legal immigrants pay.

The Center for Immigration Studies of the American Academy of Science (1980-1994), found by employing t-passers employers have caused a 44 percent reduction in legal residents’ income. Illegals will work for less and “under the table” pay which reduces the employer’s tax base. Reduce or stop unemployment assurance (insurance). Require unemployed to take less desirable jobs or go hungry.

This and many other areas need attention, for example.

2. Our school spaces are being occupied by t-passers’ children, sadly with encouragement by our elected officials and at state or county expense. One of the most egregious acts (Oregon) is allowing the children of t-passers the same tuition as citizens.

3. The unlicensed and uninsured are driving cars, trucks, etc., and have no liability nor responsibility for accidents or injury they cause, unless of course, if they are driving your nice, insured vehicle.

4. Our emergency rooms are being used as primary care facilities at no cost to the abuser but at great expense to those who are insured. Our “free” clinics are overrun and less available to patients who are legal but needy. Why are medical insurance fees and medical costs skyrocketing?

5. According to The Center for Immigration Studies (Americans for Legal Immigration), in many areas crime is mostly caused by gangs, t-passers in some instances are a large percent of the members, 40 to 50 percent. In the report, gang members had 80 percent serious criminal histories and 40 percent had serious crime convictions.

6. I am sure I have missed many important issues. The biggest is our president and others who are attempting to railroad through a program (hopefully unconstitutional) granting amnesty or special paths to citizenship to almost 12 million blatant trespassers. In fact, if this program is implemented, it will seriously impact the ability of those wishing to immigrate legally. Most of these people are honest and eager to contribute to, not take from, our economy. This, instead of illegally using our medical facilities, schools, stealing jobs and not paying taxes. In short, t-passers are defeating everything citizens really want.

One serious item overlooked is the foolish way we think our borders can be secured. No fence, barrier, wall nor any number of guards will prevent dedicated criminals from bringing very profitable drugs across our borders or perhaps becoming illegals. The only way we can secure it is to make conditions here as difficult as in their home countries.

It is clear we cannot continue to ignore this problem, which is what we are doing, because with the t-passers using and not supporting the country in any way, our next step may be a Third World country. Our infrastructure is suffering, we need more schools, not more illegal students, we need more medical facilities, not overuse. Obviously 12 million people cause increased damage to roads, bridges, and public parks and buildings, etc.