I must disagree with the opinions of the writer of the multiple lane roundabouts “In My View” on March 22. I live near the Reed Market Road and Bond Street roundabout and find it to be very efficient. The other day I was approaching from the Old Mill and encountered traffic backed up to the movie theater entrance, and by the time I was entering the roundabout, only two minutes had passed. I would have waited twice this long had I been up Reed Market at the traffic light.

I would gladly trade having a bit longer wait during rush “hour” for not having to wait for a green light every other time I encounter the intersection. I used to avoid the intersection of Brookswood Boulevard and Powers Road like Riverside Boulevard during Munch & Music, but with the new single lane roundabout I pass through with only the worry of what abstract art may be installed in the future. As for the multiple lane roundabout newly built on Empire Avenue, I am not a fan. Perhaps it is because I have never had the pleasure of navigating the traffic circles in Europe that the “In My View” author is so enamored with, but I find myself playing chicken with other users while entering side by side; still it is a far sight better than it was before.

Gene Hubbard