As our economy begins to make gains, the sequester cuts are hindering the progress that is being made. Both public and private sector jobs are affected, with public employees losing spending power from pay cuts, furloughs and layoffs, and the private sector affected by less available funding for contracted projects.

As reported in The Bulletin, the federal government has asked for a return of $3.6 million in timber payments for five of Oregon’s rural, financially distressed counties. OPB reports cuts to the Oregon National Guard, with furloughs starting within 30 days for approximately 1,000 technicians.

The office of Sen. Jeff Merkley reports Oregon schools losing $23 million in federal education funds, hurting programs for disabled children and Head Start programs for vulnerable children. Yet another group affected are the seniors that rely on meal service, with $8 million being cut for that program.

Airport towers are being shut down, including ones in Klamath Falls, North Bend, Pendleton, Salem, and Troutdale. The list goes on and on. Let’s call on Congress to act and end the sequester cuts that are negatively affecting Oregonians and our economic recovery.

Andrew Curtis