Cougars killed for being around humans in Prineville. No efforts made to relocate them, or seemingly, even really try to scare them off. Same thing in Sisters last year. Oregonians relish the natural splendor of the state but hate the natural predators. We love wildlife, but if it actually comes around, gun it down! Or trap it!

A family living at the base of the mountains lets their toy breed Shih Tzu outside to roam around the yard and then is upset when what they believe to be a wolf tries to eat it. How dare that beast!

We destroy sea lion habitat, dam up the rivers, stock them with fish for tourists and then burn the hides of live sea creatures for a “study” to justify it all.

We Oregonians love to complain bitterly about how the “outsiders” are trying to impose laws governing and protecting habitat and wildlife in Oregon. I say it’s a good thing because we obviously can’t do it ourselves.

Celeste LaMosse