Congress must fulfill the promises they made to the American people in Senate Bill 1200 passed in 1986, which granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens. We were promised by Democrats and Republicans that there would be only one amnesty; there would never be another. Also in Senate Bill 1200, American borders would be secure from every possible entry point and all immigration laws would be enforced. What occurred is now history and immigration laws were not enforced.

Our border was never secured the way China, Israel and other countries secure their borders, where no one comes across, knowing what would happen if they even tried. Our open borders are our weak spot in the fight against terrorism. When illegal aliens were drug smuggling in February 1971, President Nixon declared war on drugs. He said to win the war on drugs, we must secure our border. After 42 years, our border is not secure. God bless America, for how much longer?

Milton Shuman