Carob and chocolate have cancer-fighting powers

In a five-week series, The Bulletin will highlight simple and superfoods that have known properties that help fight cancer and other health concerns. With information provided by Jill Souto-Maior, a registered dietitian from St. Charles Bend, we will tell you about foods you should incorporate into your diet.

Week one

Carob or chocolate — both are touted for having medicinal properties.

Carob contains antioxidants that can improve digestion, cholesterol, diarrhea and asthma. One study found that carob extracts repaired cells of the body damaged by free radicals, and can attack cervical cancer cells.

Research also suggests that chemicals in dark chocolate can reduce cancer risks by combating cell damage that can lead to tumor growth.

Carob and chocolate share some properties but are different products. Carob, derived from an evergreen tree, is grown in the Mediterranean region. Chocolate comes from the tropical cocoa (cacao) tree and was originally cultivated in South America, although it’s now also grown in Africa. Cocoa has a higher fat content than carob, but carob is naturally sweeter than cocoa.

— Anne Aurand, The Bulletin

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