Trail update With Chris Sabo

Springlike, but good

This week, mid- to high-elevation sno-parks will be in fair to good condition, but expect springlike conditions in the lower elevations. With increased trail use anticipated during the pleasant weather and upcoming spring break, be sure to follow proper trail etiquette.


Though Deschutes River, Phil’s and Peterson Ridge trails are snow-free higher up with more late-April-like conditions, there’s still potential areas of frozen ground and mud bogs. Be sure to avoid muddy trails to prevent tread and vegetation impact. Other good options for summer trails are Horse Butte, Smith Rock, Lake Billy Chinook and the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.


Six Mile and Lower Three Creek sno-parks are snow-free and most likely done for the season.

Skyliner Sno-park is in poor condition with an icy, crusty layer and some bare spots. Virginia Meissner Sno-park is looking bleak but still accessible with mid-April-like conditions. Wanoga Snoplay Area is in spring mode with some icy and crusty spots. Wanoga’s snowmobile trails are in fair to good condition with hard snowpack. Swampy Lakes Sno-park, Crescent Lake Sno-park and Odell Lake area are in fair to good condition with an icy crust in the morning and soft snowpack in the afternoon. Edison Butte Sno-park has a more challenging hard snowpack but is still usable with caution. Dutchman Flat Sno-park has the best snow conditions but has a slightly wet snow pack in the afternoons. Upper Three Creek Sno-park has a few inches of new snow with springlike conditions. Conditions at Ten Mile Sno-park are not great, with developing bare spots and muddy areas. Snowmobile riders should not ride through these areas.

Sno-park snow depths:

Virginia Meissner: 16-24 inches

Wanoga Snoplay Area: 26-32 inches

Wanoga Snowmobile: 30-38 inches

Swampy Lakes: 40-48 inches

Vista Butte: 56-64 inches

Dutchman Flat: 90-98 inches

Edison Butte Sno-park: 22-28 inches

Skyliner Sno-park: 6-10 inches

Ten Mile Sno-park: Patchy to 6 inches

Crescent Lake Sno-park: 14-18 inches

Upper Three Creek Sno-park: 18-20 inches

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