The impact of sequestration on Oregon this year alone will result in a loss of more than $10 million in funding for our primary and secondary schools, loss of funds for the education of children with disabilities, less aid for work-study jobs that help students to finance the costs of college and a loss of funding for protections for clean air and water.

Also, furloughs for Department of Defense employees, less funding for Oregon Army base operations, loss of Justice Assistance grants, loss of funding for job-search assistance and reduced funding for child vaccines. Furthermore, a loss of funds to help prevent and treat substance abuse, fewer HIV tests, loss of funds to provide services to victims of domestic violence and a loss of funds for providing meals for seniors.

And then there will be the years to come! It gets worse.

What are our representatives arguing about? It’s simple. The administration wants spending cuts (other than from Medicare and Social Security) and wants to increase revenue by closing tax loopholes that favor corporate America, a position supported by a majority of Americans.

Rep. Walden and his party want spending cuts only, including to Medicare and Social Security.

What do we want? Is Rep. Walden representing you and Oregon by doing what is best for our state, its residents, or is this all about politics?

Carolyn Hill