Too many Fortunes in this never-ending series

Lezlie Patterson / McClatchy-Tribune News Service /

“A Small Fortune” by Marie Ferrarella (Harlequin, $4.99)

Trying to keep up how each Fortune is related to other Fortunes — much less remember the love stories attached to the vast number of happily married family members — is getting to be impossible.

There are just so many of them.

Every time you think they’re all married, another vein of the family is found — and moves to Red Rock, Texas.

Like Asher and his brothers.

Wyatt was the first of this set of brothers to find love’s bliss in Red Rock. Next up is Asher, a single dad who still mourns the collapse of his marriage, which happened when his wife deserted him and his young son.

Asher may not be looking for another chance at love, but small Fortune Jace, Asher’s son, is ready for a new mom. He latches onto Marnie when she starts babysitting.

So does Asher. He just denies his attachment while young Jace doesn’t hide his infatuation at all.

Marnie fights her attraction to her boss, but obviously fails. Which means she eventually wins.

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