I wish I could say that all my armed fellow Central Oregonians made me feel safer. However, I don’t expect that most of the gun enthusiasts who write in support of more guns in our society could protect me or anyone else from bandits, or a tyrannical government.

Most gun owners are untrained in the use of firearms in high-stress situations. At best they are good at hitting immobile and non-aggressive targets at the range, or waiting patiently for game animals to walk into their field of fire. While soldiers and police officers may be prepared for an armed standoff or a firefight, I don’t believe many civilian gun owners are.

In those situations, an armed, untrained individual is going to be a danger, not a savior.

I also question whether some of my armed neighbors are equipped to recognize tyranny when it appears. With some of them saying we are close to totalitarian rule or that the current administration resembles Hitler’s, I don’t feel they have the good judgment to decide when armed insurrection is the best course of action.

As far as I can tell, this is still a fairly successful democracy and I don’t want armed fools threatening what we have created over the last 200 or more years. If you disagree with a policy or two, find someone new to vote for, or run for office yourself.

Please don’t bring your Taliban-like armed mayhem to our streets in search of some misguided “Second Amendment solution.”

Ethan Singer