Guns, guns, guns. Not one gun has ever killed a person. People kill people. Registering a gun, background checks or whatever the laws require won’t stop killings. Adding more border patrol officers to stop gun trafficking — they haven’t stopped drug trafficking have they? I haven’t heard anything about helping the sick, mentally ill or disturbed persons who can get their hands on a gun from their home closet or dresser drawer and go out and kill a group of people. These assault rifles or handguns belong to mom, dad or big brother. Let’s start doing something to help these sick people, not make more laws that won’t work and that are often overturned by our courts.

Our doctors all have different ideas and reasons for these disturbed and ill people killing. But our lawmakers have not done anything to help these sick people. It’s just, “Oh, well.” A lawyer gets shot. A person who gets mad at the bartender goes home to get a gun, comes back, shoots up the bar. A wife shot. There is something wrong here!

People get mad at the drop of the hat at things that don’t go their way. No self-control. Guns are our responsibility. We are in control. Not the government. If they get control, we lose.

Melvin Coffin

La Pine