In response to “After Oscar cameo, questions about first lady’s role” (Feb. 26), I say, lighten up, people! I suppose a similar purse-lipped, prim, finger-pointing response occurred when the Queen parachuted into the Olympic opening ceremony with 007.

I, for one, enjoy seeing our world leaders being human, letting their hair down and having fun on occasion. More importantly, don’t we have weightier issues in this country to debate?

To expect a young, energetic, and yes, ambitious woman like Michelle Obama to stay back in the White House and host ladies’ luncheons is not realistic in 2013; frankly, folks, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

I would hope in the future that The Bulletin has more substantive news in which to devote a significant portion of the front and second page.

Barbara Kennedy

Crooked River Ranch