Every day The Bulletin promotes the sale of deadly weapons in its classifieds section. Today was another opportunity for the newspaper to garner more profits without any perceived responsibility. An AK-47, multiple Bushmasters and other deadly weapons were all on sale. The Bulletin does bear moral responsibility for these sales, but (apparently) profits are all that matter to The Bulletin.

Not only the woman who dropped a derringer out of her handbag in a Bend McDonald’s restaurant and critically shot her husband in the abdomen or the young man who mistakenly shot himself in his car in the Bend Bi-Mart parking lot, but any convicted felon could buy these deadly weapons without undergoing a background check. It is easier to buy a gun than to register an automobile or obtain a drivers’ license. This is ludicrous.

Having a gun at home increases the odds of someone in the family dying by firearm by almost 300 percent.

It also increases the risk of someone at home committing suicide fivefold. Nearly 3,000 Americans have been killed by guns since the Newtown school murders last December.

The National Rifle Association does not represent the interests of all Americans and continues to fight against any form of gun control. The NRA will be holding its annual banquet at the Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center, March 23. Please join me in protesting this insanity. The Bulletin should be ashamed of itself. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Innocent people continue to be slaughtered daily.

Jim Hauser