RDM in running for L.A. flight

Published Mar 6, 2013 at 11:00AM

Redmond Airport is in the running for a daily round-trip flight to Los Angeles.

But American Airlines, which is looking to add a Redmond-to-LA flight, could pass over Central Oregon without $350,000 in local incentives. And local economic advocates only have until March 15 to raise the funds.

Redmond Airport hasn't had a flight to Los Angeles International Airport since Horizon Air ended its service in mid-2010. Business leaders have lobbied for a replacement flight ever since.

But a $500,000 grant awarded to Redmond Airport last year put those efforts into overdrive, Roger Lee, executive director of Economic Development for Central Oregon, told a group of business and community members Wednesday.

Lee said $350,000 in additional funds from Central Oregon groups could secure the flight, giving local businesses quick access to one of the world's largest airports. The flight would likely be a 50-seat commuter jet departing from Redmond in the morning and returning in the evening, Lee said.

Service could start as early as June, if the funds are secured.

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