An easy cabbage dish

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Viola Brown from Indiana was looking for an easy recipe for making Polish cabbage. Brown said that she is 82 years old and doesn’t have much of an appetite anymore, but that certain foods, like good cooked cabbage, still appeal to her.

Jeanette Lehman from Glen Burnie, Md., shared her recipe for Polish sweet cabbage. She said the recipe comes from her mother, who emigrated from Poland, married and began making the dishes she remembered from her childhood.This recipe is straightforward and not difficult to make.

Lehman suggests making it a day ahead if possible as the dish improves in flavor when reheated. The dish is tasty on its own but also very delicious served over buttered noodles or potato dumplings.


Jeff Clayten from Baltimore is looking for the recipe for the sticky buns that were served in the cafeterias at both Garrison Junior High School and Forest Park High School in the 1950s. He and his wife both went to those schools and they have been looking for years for someone who has the recipe.

Lola Mae Hill from Bel Air, Md., would like to have the recipe for the “scrumptious” chicken dish that was served as a special when she and her husband dined at the Peppermill restaurant in Lutherville, Md. As best she can recall, the chicken breast was served in a rich white sauce or creamed spinach topped with crab imperial.

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