With unacceptable levels of gun violence across the U.S. and recent mass shootings perpetrated by criminals or unstable individuals, our country needs to institute nationwide, universal gun checks.

A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University of 1,772 registered voters showed an overwhelming support for requiring background checks for all gun buyers, with 92 percent in support. All types of households were polled, and homes that owned a gun showed a support level of 91 percent.

Universal background checks are a reasonable approach to the gun control issue now facing our nation. We risk losing more freedoms if we do not take some pro-active measures to keep gun ownership limited to law-abiding citizens. While this will not solve the problem of those with no previous negative background purchasing or owning guns and snapping and hurting others, I fear that if we take no steps at all, the problem could get out of hand with more innocent lives lost and more and more strict bans might take place. The U.S. will always be a gun-owning country, and let’s take action to keep it that way. Join me in supporting nationwide, universal background checks.

Andrew Curtis