A tool is a tool. A hammer is a tool. A hatchet is a tool. An ice pick is a tool. A gun is a tool. A baseball bat is — well you get the picture.

All of these tools or items, when in the hands of a person trained in their use, who is of a sound mind and mental state, perform as they were invented to be used. Yet, when in the hands of someone who’s not of sound mind and mental state, these tools can be used to perform in methods that can have horrific results. History has shown all these aforementioned “tools” have been used to kill.

These “tools,” on a table by themselves, can do nothing. It takes someone standing behind them to do something! And no law, written or to be written will ever change their proper or improper use.

In a mentally deranged or criminal mindset individual, laws are meant to be broken! They won’t follow old laws or new laws. So if all you politicians can stop the political grandstanding on all these senseless and tragic events and want to really do something for America — and get off your personal “gun agenda” that you keep trying to sell all law-abiding Americans, as if it’s their agenda, Mr. President — I suggest you look harder at our nation’s mental institutions and our penal system. Because that’s what really is broken! We all know it, and the time for fixing is now.

Eric Nunez