Focus on people’s use of guns

Over the past several weeks, two claims have been repeated in letters to the editor and elsewhere. The two claims, “guns don’t kill people” and “people kill people,” are pre-emptive, meaningless statements that were fabricated to filibuster effective reasoning about gun regulations. The two claims have since been reflexively recited to create a stalemate, thereby guaranteeing a status quo.

The focal point of gun regulation should be “the use of guns by people,” just as the focal point of driver’s licenses and traffic regulations has always been the interaction of “people and vehicles.”

Regulations for driving a passenger car are different than driving a school bus or taxi or 18-wheeler. The focal point of licensing pilots, and concomitant flying regulations, has always been the interaction of people and airplanes. Regulations are different for private pilots and air transport (commercial) pilots.

The responsibility to regulate “individuals by activity” is a general belief and value that is wildly held in our culture. Think about it.

Sandra Knapp


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