Facebook donates $100,000 to Crook County High School

PRINEVILLE -- Crook County High School got a major shot in the arm Wednesday, receiving a large donation to upgrade its technology services.

Facebook cut the high school a $100,000 check to support its science, technology, engineering and math programs.

The social media company, which operates one data center and is building a second in Prineville, announced the donation at the high school on Wednesday. The money comes from $182,000 in business tax credits Facebook recently received for meeting energy efficiency requirements at its Prineville data facilities.

Facebook officials said they wanted to reinvest those tax savings in the community by working to increase the use of computers and technology in local classrooms.

“We’re thrilled and excited about this wonderful gift,” Crook County High School Principal Rocky Miner said. “I feel like we should party all day long.”

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