Gun control won’t help

I have noticed that any time there is a shooting massacre, the first thing people run to is gun control.

It seems like the easy thing, because they think if we get rid of guns for civilians, then people who shouldn’t have guns will not be able to get them. However, when someone goes out and shoots an innocent person, they are already breaking the law.

What stops the same type of people from obtaining guns if they want to? Do you actually think they won’t be able to get one just because it is made illegal? Then how are people able to get their hands on drugs?

Even worse than that, bombs are against the law, but that didn’t stop the two murderers from the Columbine massacre from making homemade propane bombs and using them.

Wherever there is a law like gun control, there is always going to be someone crazy enough to break it. I understand the concern with who can get their hands on guns, but a person can learn to make a bomb off of the Internet — where is your concern for that? I haven’t heard about any Internet restrictions.

So please think about something: Say you get your wish and they put gun control into effect; how are you going to feel when you still see shooting massacres in the news? Because all you are doing is taking away guns from the people who don’t break the law in the first place.

Warren Wilson


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