In recent weeks, letter after letter has appeared in The Bulletin regarding the subject of gun violence. Consensus amongst all but a few is that more “gun control” is needed. Nonsense! Gun violence on Chicago’s South Side is a clear reality about how well gun control laws really work. But emotion often clouds reality.

The real issue here is about gun violence prevention. And prevention will only come from some other approach. There are clear-thinking people developing and suggesting ways to reduce gun violence. Education and awareness training are prevalent in those ideas. And in my view, this is where the majority effort should be. Also, harsher penalties attached to current laws would have more benefit than new gun laws.

I will concede that little harm would come from making some weapons more difficult to obtain. But I will not concede that doing so will help reduce gun violence. Simply attacking the supply side of firearms does little more than compromise the Second Amendment, and we must not forget that the Second Amendment is about the right to protect ourselves — a right, by the way, that could be compromised to the point of oblivion.

A recent email stated: A gun and a parachute are alike in that if you ever need one and don’t have one, chances are almost certain you’ll never need one again. Beware, friends, of what politicians and others are advocating.

Al Phillips