I remember Charlton Heston as a great actor starring in manly movies reaching from antiquity to present-day themes — from Caesar’s Rome to mountain men. Heston had one of the largest gun collections known. Being a noted actor and gun collector, the National Rifle Association wanted him to be their president. He accepted and had his picture taken.

The picture shows a smiling Heston standing and holding a long-barreled muzzle loader — single shot — the type of gun carried by Davy Crockett heading west, by our forefathers in the Revolutionary War and by the soldiers in the Civil War.

Heston was a patriot and a good image for the NRA.

Now the NRA is squashing increases in gun control by citing the Second Amendment and the right to “keep and bear arms.”

But the amendment also says, as needed for “a well regulated militia.” This refers to our situation in the year of the Amendment, 1791, when we didn’t have a standing army. Now we do, and so we don’t need to keep and bear military-style arms.

Our congressmen in 1791 could not have known what they were getting us into. And I think that the NRA is stretching the facts for their own advantage and not for the citizens at large.

Gary Will

La Pine