Did the state of Oregon reinstate that you may now talk on a cellphone and text while driving? I see this all the time. If you gesture to people about texting or talking on their cellphones, you get the middle finger. What’s up with that? I thought only law enforcement and fire personnel were allowed to use cellphones. I thought we had to use hands-free cellphones, not hold them and talk on speaker phone or up to your ear. Did I miss something? When the fine is only a few hundred dollars, I guess you can afford it. Amazingly, the law doesn’t work, does it? What if the fine was, like, $1,200 to $1,500 to an offender? Would that maybe get their attention? What has to happen to get their attention? I saw a person weaving on the road while it was snowing on South Highway 97 while texting and another while talking with a cell stuck to her ear. What part of “stop texting and talking on the cellphone not hands free do they not understand? Can someone please explain this?

Vernon Budd