Domestic shooting a break in case

Call leads Bend police to suspects in two earlier robberies

By Sheila G. Miller / The Bulletin

It was a combination of luck and good police work that led to the arrests of a Bend couple in connection with two recent robberies.

That is, if you consider a man shooting his girlfriend in the leg a lucky turn of events.

Anthony Joseph Pastran, 44, and Lisa Anne Schnittke, 39, were arrested last month in connection with more than a dozen charges related to robberies in 2012 at Shari's in north Bend and an Arco service station off 27th Street.

The arrests came after Pastran allegedly shot Schnittke after a night of using meth, then called police and allegedly concocted a constantly changing story to cover up for why the gun was in the home.

Bend Police Capt. Jim Porter called the arrests “good intuitive police work,” with detectives making connections between various crimes and working crime scenes to find answers.

The Arco gas station on Northeast Bellevue Drive was robbed in August. In that instance, a man wearing a mask held up the gas station with a gun, and at least one shot was fired during a struggle with an employee. Police said at the time they were searching for a dark-colored SUV, similar to an early 2000s Jeep Cherokee.

After the Arco robbery, police were able to identify the type of weapon used — a pistol — because of shell casings left at the scene.

“So we identified the type of firearm, and then we identified the suspect vehicle and the fact that he had an accomplice,” Porter said.

Then in November, a man entered Shari's on the north end of town and went to the area with lottery machines in the rear of the business. He allegedly used a metal tool to pry open a locked cash register and removed cash, then pushed over the manager on duty and fought with a customer before fleeing in a car driven by a woman.

The man dropped the tool on his way to the vehicle, which police said appeared to be a dark blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.

At the Shari's scene, police were able to collect DNA from something the suspect dropped at the scene. Porter declined to identify the object that police pulled DNA from but said the item was sent to the Oregon State Crime Lab for analysis. DNA analysis takes up to 30 days to process.

On Dec. 15, police were called to a house in northeast Bend for a seemingly unrelated issue, a possible burglary call at 1187 N.E. Ross Road.

The caller, Pastran, told police someone was trying to get into his house, then hung up. When 911 dispatchers called back, Pastran said someone had left a gun on the doorstep, and he brought the gun inside and it went off, shooting his girlfriend, Schnittke, through the leg.

When police arrived at the Ross Road home, they found Schnittke lying on the bed in an upstairs bedroom, shot in the leg. The handgun allegedly used in the shooting was also on the bed. And there was a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee idling in the driveway.

“We get there, and lo and behold, there's a vehicle matching the description from the robberies,” Porter said. “It's a piece (of the puzzle).”

Schnittke and Pastran gave differing accounts about where and how the shooting had taken place, according to the search warrant affidavit. Schnittke told officers the couple had used methamphetamine and had been up all night when she was shot. Schnittke was treated at St. Charles Bend for her injuries.

The home was equipped with a surveillance camera that showed the downstairs part of the house, and Pastran told the police a person had been sneaking around in the house. According to police reports included in the search warrant affidavit, Pastran appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

According to a list of items seized during the search warrant, police collected DNA and a urine sample from Pastran.

Other evidence collected at the home included a variety of gloves and hats, cellphones, plastic zip ties and various drug paraphernalia.

Police also recovered a modified gray stocking cap from a car in the driveway and a safe from a closet.

But Porter said it was bullets found at the scene that brought police closer to connecting the couple to the robberies.

Part of the search warrant conducted at the home on Northeast Ross Road was to find evidence that Pastran, a convicted felon, had guns and ammunition.

“It is illegal for a felon even to possess ammunition,” Porter said.

During the search, Porter said, police discovered a bullet that was the same caliber as the one used in the Arco robbery.

According to the list of items seized in the search warrant, police found the spent .22 shell casing on the floor near the bed, believed to be from the bullet used on Schnittke. They also found .22 shells scattered around the home, in a bookcase, a laundry basket and a tote on the floor. And police located .380 automatic bullets in the same laundry basket.

Police did not find the gun believed to be used in the Arco robbery.

“But now we have the vehicle, and we've got a bullet that matches the caliber of the casings found at Arco,” Porter said. “And we have someone we know is being deceptive about what's going on. The stories they were giving us (about the shooting) make no sense. ... We have people who we know don't mind using guns.”

On Jan. 7, Bend Police got the DNA evidence back, and it matched Pastran. After reviewing the Shari's video, Porter said, police said the woman seemed to match Schnittke.

That's when they arrested Schnittke and filed a new case against Pastran, who was already in jail on suspicion of shooting Schnittke.

Pastran and Schnittke are each charged with seven counts of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of first-degree robbery, two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of second-degree assault.

Pastran is also charged with one count each of third-degree assault, reckless endangerment, meth possession and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Those charges are related to the December shooting.

Both are currently in the Deschutes County jail.

Schnittke was in Deschutes County Circuit Court on Thursday, where her attorney asked for a delay until Feb. 25, when she is expected to enter a plea in the case.

Pastran has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He is expected to go to trial March 5.

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