In response to the Jan. 30 letter, “Sheriff can’t make up rules for Crook County” by Alan Pachtman and those others who feel the Crook County sheriff is making up rules as he goes along: Let’s try using the same logic on our “campaigner-in-chief.” Our leader has arbitrarily refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, our borders, marijuana laws (federal trumps state law in Washington and Colorado) just to name a few. Let us not chastise the sheriff, rather, let us commend him for following the law as written and not the self interpretation as is being done by our president — interpret the law as you see fit depending on the situation at hand. Let us not be bothered with that thing called the Constitution or for that matter existing laws. Our president seems to think both just get in the way at times. Gee, maybe he’s right. After all he is a constitutional lawyer. However, his actions sometimes make me wonder what constitution.

Mike Fitzsimons