On Jan. 17, Larry Blanton was quoted, “when it comes to enforcing the law laid out by the U.S. attorney general, if you can’t comply as a law enforcement officer, it’s time to seek another line of employment.” If that is true, our chief law enforcement officers President Obama and Eric Holder should seek another line of work as well. They have refused to enforce or prosecute existing laws and encouraged lawlessness among certain classes of people by refusing to prosecute immigration laws, secure the borders, protect landowners, and by ignoring the Defense of Marriage Act. They have smuggled guns into Mexico. They have selectively enforced other laws when it was politically effective, or not when inconvenient, as in the new Black Panther voter intimidation case and dragging their feet in regard to the Fort Hood shooter. Now they are “laying out the law,” when it is not their job to do so. This, sorry to say, is the people’s job through their representatives in “Congress” which is the opposite of “progress.” I applaud the sheriffs who do have the guts to truly serve and protect the citizens of this country and uphold the Constitution, not some deluded politician who thinks he is king. In regard to the proposed gun regulations, and the trickery of wordsmithing, please consider: what weapon did Cain slay Abel with? That’s right, an “assault” weapon. All weapons have been “assault” weapons in the theater of war from the beginning of human conflicts.

Andr è Pinette