In response to the Jan. 24 letter from Don Thomas:

Comparing high-capacity magazines capable of ripping small children’s bodies to shreds with McDonald’s french fries was not worthy of the kind of discussion the writer may have intended.

Using a “knife, hatchet, baseball bat, knitting needle” argument ignores the fact that none of these items has as its main purpose to kill things, as do guns. That is the reason that guns are manufactured. That line of argument has always baffled me.

Yes, we can define what an assault weapon is. We should stop listening to this kind of verbal deflection of the real issue — military-style weapons being used to mow down people.

Stop defending the NRA as some kind of protector of rights. It exists by and for the gun manufacturers and will oppose anything that interferes with the sale of guns.

Most importantly, the writer’s claim that the Sandy Hook gunman did not use an assault rifle is nonsense. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it is true. The NBC affiliate news item mentioned was from six hours after the event. It was quickly corrected by the state police saying he did in fact use a Bushmaster assault weapon and the gun found later in his trunk was a shotgun. To spend two paragraphs on this brought the author’s credibility under serious question.

Your right to own a gun is not under attack. Checking backgrounds on all gun purchases and limiting magazine size are appropriate measures.

Craig Anderson