Over the years we have heard many cases of child abuse, from sex to beatings and deaths. In the last two years, there have been 1,500 deaths per year of abused children.

No guns were involved.

Doctors and lawmakers have tried for years to solve this abuse problem. They know what causes some of it but can’t stop it — drugs and alcohol, mostly. There are hundreds of laws on the books about child abuse.

Abuse cases are in court every day.

Lots of people are in jail, too. All these laws have not stopped the abuse. It still goes on until some laws are changed. Abusing a child of any age is the most unforgiveable thing anyone can do to a young child.

Abusing a child at home can affect his or her way of thinking or damage their brain.

A child who is put down at home is bad news. They think it’s going to happen again by another adult or in school. Being abused at school can lead to troubles later on in life.

Instead of spending a lot of time and money on gun control laws, let’s start doing something about child abuse.

An abused young child later in life can become an older killer.

Mel Coffin

La Pine