I want to congratulate The Bulletin staff for a very informative article on the front page of the Saturday, Jan. 5, Bulletin headlined, “Home values shift, and tax bills climb.”

The subject of real estate taxes in Oregon is a very complicated and confusing topic. You have done a great service to the community in providing a clear picture of how Measure 50 determines the real estate tax assessed in Bend and in the rest of Oregon.

During a period in 2006 and 2007 my neighbors and I came to grips with how Measure 50 affects real estate tax in our state after studying the tax assessments in our neighborhood and after having two meetings with the county assessor. We were all disappointed with the uneven nature of the law and dismayed to find that, short of a change in the law, any redress for concerns about inequities is not possible — ever!

I hope that your front page article and the public’s reaction to the displayed unexpected consequences of Measure 50’s provisions will precipitate interest in serious consideration of the removal and replacement of Measure 50.

Grier Davis