I read with interest Melissa Gianopolus’ letter regarding making schools more secure.

Recently, my son and I had a meeting at a high school in Bend which he does not attend. As we approached the main doors of the school, I saw the standard “please check in with the office” placard. As I entered through the glass doors, I was watching the ladies in the office through the glass walls. They were chatting and no one looked over.

We entered the office and stated we were there for a meeting. The office attendant said, “Please sign in.” She did not ask for identification or look to see what I had written when I signed in.

She told us our meeting was at the opposite end of the school. She told us where to go and we took off completely unsupervised, wandering the halls of this local high school during school hours. Neither of us was asked to wear a visitors badge.

I saw several adults and students in the halls and no one asked who we were or what we were doing there. At the end of our meeting, we left through a door in the back. We walked around the outside of building, back to the front where we had parked. No one saw us and certainly no one asked what we were doing.

My point is we could be doing a LOT more to secure our schools locally by installing buzz-in systems, having staff ask for identification, etc.

Lisa Smith