In a recent Bulletin editorial, you took me to task for making a flippant reference to Jerry Sandusky in a meeting between the boards of United Senior Citizens of Bend and the Bend Park & Recreation District.

Your criticism was spot on. My flippancy was quite inappropriate, especially in light of the BPR board’s willingness to meet with us.

That being said, my inappropriate comment does not diminish the message that many older seniors have not felt welcome at the Bend Senior Center.

Your editorial comments suggest that USCB was not cooperative at the joint meeting of the boards and unwilling to offer program ideas to BPR.

The problem is actually that there are no simple “program” fixes. A given facility cannot be a multigenerational, fee-based activity center and at the same time be a welcome home to older seniors of moderate to low income with possible health or physical limitations. USCB has asked for the return of its investment in the Bend Senior Center so that it can serve this disenfranchised group of people.

Finally, The Bulletin editorial questioned “how far those feelings extend beyond the USCB board.” This is a fair question. Does the community of Bend feel any obligation to serving older senior citizens of moderate to low income with possible health or physical limitations?

Tom Gunn