The Bend Senior Center is a vital place. In response to the Jan. 17 Bulletin editorial, “A contemptible claim to Bend seniors” and to Tom Gunn’s remarks “insufficient empathy” and “elder abuse” at the Bend Senior Center:

These words seemingly do not apply to the staff, teachers and atmosphere this senior citizen has encountered at the center.

The majority of seniors ages 55 to more than 80 have varied choices of social and physical — health enhancing — exercise classes. Fortunately, for some seniors it is not too late to “get physically fit.” Strength and balance conditioning classes or a combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet classes are helpful to becoming more physically fit.

Apparently, the minority of participants younger than 55 in some Bend Senior Center classes indicates a wise choice to “get physically fit” now rather than at a later age. These snappy participants lend inspiration and empathy to elder exercise participants.

“Elder abuse” — Nonsense! The front desk staff and senior volunteers have consistently been tolerant and kind listeners to sometimes witless comments and concerns from seniors. Kudos go to the program director, managing director and well-trained, sensitive parks and recreation teachers. These people make the Bend Senior Center vital. This senior wants to continue being vital, too.

Georgeann “G.L.” Berman