Did it strike anyone else as paradoxical that Jake Buehler, in his Jan. 19 In My View, concludes his diatribe against conservative pundits and Christians with a call to grow up? That was just before he takes his parting shot at those who give in to religious superstition and engage in what is effectively a modern form of paying close attention to animal entrails for prophetic purposes? How lovely. And how terribly juvenile.

I tend to expect adult behavior to be more civil. Those who worship at the throne of reason are too often woefully ignorant of the substance of Christianity, of exegesis or hermeneutics, of the substance that calls minds such as Ravi Zacharias to the Christian faith. We Christians aren’t all ignorant, paranoid or preposterous as assumed.

Enough, indeed. I agree that it is time to grow up and perhaps someday we may discuss gun control as rational adults.

Pam Johnson