Kudos to The Bulletin for its recent story alerting readers about the most dangerous intersections in Bend. Your readers should know, however, that there are other locations that present high risks to drivers and pedestrians. One of the most dangerous is the last curve on Archie Briggs Road for drivers descending from Mount Washington Drive (where the River Trail crosses Archie Briggs).

In wet and icy conditions, descending cars frequently spin out of control, sometimes doing 360 degrees or more. In the past two months alone, neighbors have observed at least seven cars losing control on that curve; the actual number of incidents is undoubtedly much higher. Most of these incidents involve only one vehicle and go unreported.

Eventually, there will be a head-on crash or hikers will be hit. There is not a great deal that transit authorities can do to reduce this danger other than to warn drivers descending that hill that they are approaching an extremely dangerous curve. Curiously, authorities have ignored requests from neighbors for such a sign. By writing to the Public Works Director, City of Bend, P.O. Box 431, Bend, OR 97701, Bulletin readers might help save a life by convincing the city to take this low-cost option.

Gerald Wein