I have been a gun owner all my life. I am 88 years old and a World War II veteran. I have spent many days hunting game birds and some deer.

I have spent time searching the computer to find if there have been any later amendments to the Second Amendment. I have found none. The Second Amendment was proposed in 1789 by President Madison and others, and adopted by Congress in 1791, with the Bill of Rights.

That means that at that time, you would have been able to have a one-shot musket loader for protection, be it pistol or rifle, possibly a bolt-action rifle (I’m not sure when they came into use). Can you imagine a mentally ill person or a madman going into a shopping mall, theater, school or any public place and mowing down multiple persons with any of those guns?

Times have changed and we need to change accordingly. I am sick and tired of gun advocates and the NRA saying over TV and any public system, “You’re not going to take away my Second Amendment rights.”

I don’t think anybody is trying to. Think safety here! If we had strict control over gun sales by commercial dealers, gun shows and private sales, etc., so we had records of who had guns and what kind, I think it would be much safer for everyone. No legitimate gun owner, including myself, would object to that.

Cliff Shrock