Bend sewer system

Two quick fixes

By Hillary Borrud / The Bulletin / @hborrud

Published Feb 1, 2013 at 04:00AM

A Bend advisory committee recommended two short-term fixes to the sewer system this week. The improvements, which could cost an estimated $9.6 million, might help the city avoid sewage overflows and a building moratorium.

The sewer system is currently at capacity, which makes it difficult for new businesses that produce large amounts of wastewater to open. City councilors asked the advisory committee to identify short-term solutions, then tackle more expensive long-term fixes to the sewer system. A planned expansion of the water treatment plant is also moving ahead. That, combined with an older city plan to fix long-term problems by installing new gravity lines and repairing collapsed sewer lines and manholes, would cost the city an estimated $174 million, city Finance Director Sonia Andrews has said.

The advisory group, composed of businesspeople, conservationists and other citizens, identified three problem spots in the most need of short-term fixes in late 2012.