Personal observation to recent letters on the gun debate:

Comparing motor vehicle deaths to those caused by firearms is a false equivalent. A car’s main purpose is transportation. A gun’s main purpose is killing. When used as directed, a car is safe. When used as directed, a gun kills a living being, animal or human.

Prayer: There’s no law capable of preventing an omnipotent God from being in a classroom. If He gets his nose bent out of shape, allows innocent children to be slaughtered because I’m not required to engage in a state-sanctioned ego stroke, maybe you should rethink His omnipotence and love.

Building a database of mentally ill is a violation of HIPAA law and will backfire. Many handgun deaths involve domestic violence. If you’re having problems in your marriage, will you risk or be honest in treatment? As a gun owner, I’d be less likely to report depression to my doctor for fear I’ll have my handgun confiscated.

Asking me not to own high capacity clips for my Glock does not equate to my Glock being confiscated. It means I should engage in more target practice, and use my laser sight.

I’ve already undergone two background checks. Both times, I was able to complete my purchase.

Armed good guys mostly catch bad guys after the fact, not before.Just ask a cop or crime victim.

Michael R. Pritchard